Ways to "Breathe Easy" This Summer


Jake Nachlas, Summer Intern to Nathan E. Nachlas, MD

It's Sunday afternoon, and you're at the beach with your family. Or maybe you're at the golf course enjoying a round of 18. It's hot, so you keep reapplying sunscreen, at least I hope! You're lying there, listening to music, feeling the breeze from the ocean hit your face, dipping your toes into the hot summer sand and watching the waves crash one after one after one after one. You can smell the salt from the ocean and the freshness of the air. Or maybe you're on Hole 9, three below par, and the scent of the grass and the view of a cloudless sky over the green overwhelm your fear of the Par 5 ahead of you, of making one bad drive. You tee up, take a few practice swings, pull the driver back, looking down at the ball trying not to comprehend the breadth of the fairway. Then you swing, the club strikes th---ACHOOOO! 

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Summer Allergy Season: Game On!

Earth to Allergy Control

Jake Nachlas, Summer Intern for Nathan E Nachlas, MD

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