Balloon Sinuplasty: Current Indications and Technique

Since FDA approval of  balloon sinuplasty in 2005, it has evolved into one of the most common procedures performed.  The reason for this is two fold. Chronic sinusitis, the disease for which it was developed, is estimated to effect 1 in 7 people in the developed world.  Sufferers who fail to achieve relief of their symptoms despite medical management commonly seek alternatives. Minimally invasive sinus surgery, introduced in the United States at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1985, opened up an entire surgical specialty geared towards providing a minimal downtime highly successful procedure for sinus sufferers.  Balloon Sinuplasty has taken this to a new level, now allowing those procedures to be performed in the comfort of an office setting with essentially no downtime.

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How Long Does Balloon Sinuplasty Last?

A frequent question posed during patient consultations for balloon sinuplasty regards the long lasting effects of the procedure. Patients will inquire how permanent is balloon sinuplasty and whether they will need to have it repeated.

Balloon sinuplasty is a relatively quick (15 to 30 minute) office procedure in which a small balloon is guided into the opening of blocked sinuses, inflated, then deflated and removed. Each affected sinus is treated, and the results have been reported in over 100,000 dilations since its inception over a decade ago.

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Seven things to know about balloon sinuplasty

What is This Magic?

Jake Nachlas, Summer Intern for Nathan E Nachlas, MD

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Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery: Athletes Win

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery A solution for the Athlete

Cassie Johnson was an outstanding high school soccer player.  As goalie, she was being recruited by many prestigious colleges.  When confronted with the possibility of having a procedure to relieve her chronic sinus suffering, her first question was, “How much school will I need to miss?”  Cassie’s second question, however, was more difficult: “When can I return to soccer?”

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Three Things You Need to Know About Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery in Florida

Here are three things you should know about Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery 

Have you suffered from chronic sinus infections or sinusitis? In Boca Raton, Florida plastic surgery provides many patients with relief. After medications do not alleviate the headache or discomfort associated with the condition, a Sinuplasty can provide more lasting relief. After you have opted for your procedure, you may have questions about recovery.

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