TeleHealth In the Time of COVID-19

            In a time of crisis and limited access to health care providers, the existence of alternative means of medical evaluation and treatment become paramount.  Telehealth, an industry in its relatively early stages in the United States, is now getting a jolt because of COVID-19.

Dr. Nathan NachlasWhat is Telehealth?

            Telehealth is the use of audio and visual means to remotely provide evaluation and treatment of a patient.  Clearly, the in person evaluation and management of the patient is the preferred option, but telehealth provides a satisfactory alternative for many.  In its typical form, the provider and patient interact through an electronic communications device (smart phone, tablet, or computer).  The provider arrives at a diagnosis and institutes treatment.  Depending upon the findings and other extenuating circumstances, testing and even an in-person visit may be recommended.

Why Is Telehealth Important Right Now?

            We are going to witness exponential growth in the performance of telehealth services over the upcoming months.  The ability to receive treatment for many ailments without an in person visit is critical to limit exposure especially for elderly patients.

How do I get started with Telehealth?

            At the Nose and Sinus Institute of Boca Raton telehealth services are available throughout most of the day.  Visits can be scheduled through our telehealth coordinator at 561-939-0000.  Please refer to the FAQ section for further information.


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