Balloon Sinuplasty Review - Its first decade

  • Balloon sinuplasty was developed with the same technology used in the past to open blocked heart arteries
  • Over ten years of clinical studies have shown that by enlarging the outflow tracks of blocked sinuses, the sinuses themselves can return to normal.
  • Symptoms treated include nasal obstruction, headaches,  recurrent sinusitis, nasal congestion, and drainage.
  • The balloon sinuplasty procedure may be performed in the office or outpatient setting.
  • Balloon sinuplasty may be performed with the Acclarent balloon, Entellus Balloon, or Medtronic balloon.  Each has its benefits and each has shown excellent long term results.

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  • Balloon sinuplasty recovery time is quick, with patients often able to return to full duties within days of the procedure
  • The Acclarent balloon is a wire guided balloon with a bright light at the end of the wire to guide the balloon into the desired sinus.  The balloon is then inflated, deflated, and removed.Acclarent Balloon.jpg
  • Balloon sinuplasty review has shown excellent efficacy and sustained long term patency of the sinus openings.
  • The last decade has witnessed the gradual shift of sinus procedures from the hospital and outpatient setting to the office setting.  Balloon sinuplasty recovery time has enabled long term sinus sufferers to be able to undergo a relatively quick, minimally invasive procedure, featuring quick recovery time.

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