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Balloon sinuplasty is one of the most popular procedures for its quick minimally invasive relief.  Increase airflow, relieve nasal congestion due to chronic sinusitis, and eliminate headaches with this quick and easy procedure.  

If you have heard or read about the procedure, but still have questions, we will answer them for you today. Below you will find some quick answers to the most common questions asked about balloon sinuplasty.


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Balloon sinuplasty recovery is almost universally quick and uneventful. Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure performed in the office or outpatient setting where the narrow passageways of the sinuses are gently dilated with a small balloon. This allows increased airflow through the sinuses of the nose. It is performed on the six sinuses of the nose that have small channels of communication that can frequently get clogged. Indications may include chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, nasal obstruction, and headaches. Patients typically resume all normal activities the day after the procedure.

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Balloon sinuplasty side effects are unusual. They may include several days of headaches and mild congestion. These are treated using nasal rinses and medications given around the time of the procedure to reduce swelling. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure, balloon sinuplasty healing is quick.


Balloon sinuplasty risks are rare. It has become one of the most commonly performed procedures of the nose and sinuses because the procedure is well tolerated and because the relief is experienced so quickly. The most common risk is persistent symptoms. As most sinus disease is related to underlying allergies, it is important to not only maximize therapy prior to the decision to perform balloon sinuplasty, but also to continue this therapy following the procedure.

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Does my insurance cover the procedure?

If you're worried about the cost or insurance coverage, worry not. Most insurance plans cover the procedure. If you don't know if your plan covers the procedure, you can contact us for more information!

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