What to Expect After Balloon Sinuplasty

Are you constantly struggling to breathe through your nose? Are you suffering from facial pain (headaches), sinus headaches (throbbing headache), congestion, or decreased sense of smell?

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Balloon sinuplasty opens the sinus passages to relieve pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis.  Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. 

An in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure takes about 10 minutes.  The patient comes in, sits in a chair, and then numbing medicine is put in their nose. A small balloon is guided into the area of the  sinus that is blocked. This balloon is gently inflated, deflated and taken out.  There is virtually no down time, and most patients are back to work the next day.

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

  • In general, recovery is minimal
  • Patients go home after the procedure
  • No pain, just a bit of pressure while the medication wears off
  • Very little discomfort
  • A rinse is used after the procedure to soothe the nose while its healing
  • Your doctor will see you after the procedure, so you can ask questions as we monitor and walk you through your recovery

Hear what patients are saying after balloon sinuplasty

Patients have reported to experience results right after the procedure, though it may take a week or two before you experience the full effects of the procedure.





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