This Is Not Your Dad's Acute Sinusitis Treatment

So you’re in a rut. You suffer through your day congested, stuffy, and maybe even with a pounding headache. It could be allergies. It probably has taken its toll on your sinuses. All that sinus medicine at the pharmacy still won’t make you feel better. You then recall how your dad suffered with excruciating “sinus” pain all of his adult life, but was powerless to stop it.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Reviews

Well, you’re in luck. These are not your dad’s sinuses, and a lot has changed over the years. View the balloon sinuplasty reviews. 

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Sinusitis treatment has come a long way since your dad's days of sinus headaches.

 Read about balloon sinuplasty recovery. Amazing advances in the field of acute sinusitis treatment have given hundreds of thousands of chronic sinusitis patients a new lease on life.

Sinusitis Treatment In The 1980s

As chief resident in the Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1980s, sometimes I would spend four to five hours operating on diseased sinuses. The length of these sinus surgeries and the pain and discomfort that followed severely limited the appropriate patient selection. Don’t even get me started on the cutting and incisions that were required for sinusitis treatment.

Sinusitis Treatment Today

Then, along came balloon sinus dilation. This procedure involves a sinus doctor threading a thin wire up through the nostril into the sinus and then passing a balloon over the wire. The balloon is inflated, deflated, then removed. What remains is a sinus that is properly ventilated, allowing normal airflow into the sinus. No tissue is removed by the balloon. Balloon sinus dilation is so gentle and quick that the procedure can be performed in the office without general or intravenous anesthesia. Some patients recoil at the thought of being awake while someone is working on their nose. No problem: Balloon sinus dilation can easily be performed at the Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery & Laser Center while you are asleep.

The results of balloon sinus dilation are remarkable. In the appropriately selected patient, balloon sinuplasty recovery is quick—recovery is possible within days. Often our patients return to work the morning after and resume full activities, including exercise, within two to three days. No packing of any kind is used.

Balloon sinus dilation is not for everyone and not all sinus disease is limited to the blockage of the sinus passageways. Other advanced sinus surgery treatments are available. However, with new, computer-assisted balloon sinus dilation, a sinus doctor can now also remove nasal and sinus polyps in the office during the same sitting. Again, this is a quick, local procedure with no packing after.

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These are not your dad’s times and these are certainly not your dad’s sinuses. Thanks to these new technologies in sinusitis treatment, a sinus doctor can give you a breath of fresh air just days after what is most often a simple, quick office procedure, with a quick balloon sinuplasty recovery.

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