Wine Taster Seeks Job-Saving Sinus Treatment

Balloon Sinuplasty Patient Reviews

Ferdi, a wine-tasting consultant in her 30s, was plagued by her chronic sinusitis and recurrent sinus polyps. Not only were the sinus polyps causing a blocked sinus cavity or nasal congestion, they were putting her job in jeopardy: As a wine-tasting consultant, sense of smell is critical. Despite previous sinus polyp surgeries, Ferdi was still suffering, her polyps were still present and hope seemed elusive.

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“Ferdi is typical of the patients we evaluate with severe nasal issues from allergies and polyps,” says Nathan E. Nachlas, M.D., director of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose and sinuses. Fortunately, procedures that help patients with nasal issues and a blocked sinus cavity have become more comfortable and less invasive. Today, most nose surgery patients can be treated in the office.


Patient with previous blocked sinus cavity issues during balloon sinuplasty recovery
Sinusitis prevents some people from performing essential job duties.


Dr. Nachlas Uses Computer-Guided Balloon to Open Sinuses

Ferdi’s recurrent polyps were treated with computer-assisted balloon sinuplasty, a procedure that Dr. Nachlas has been performing since June 2014. In fact, Dr. Nachlas was the first surgeon in America to perform computer-assisted balloon sinuplasty. For the procedure, Dr. Nachlas uses an industry-leading Medtronics computer to help guide a balloon into affected sinuses. Once inside the blocked sinus cavity, the balloon is inflated, then deflated and removed. In Ferdi’s case, this was followed by placing a special spring in the sinus to help prevent it from closing. The spring, manufactured by Intersect Corporation, is impregnated with a steroid that is slowly eluted over several months; this helps to prevent the recurrence sinus polyps.

Convient Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

Both of these computer-assisted balloon sinuplasty procedures are performed in the office, in one sitting and with the patient awake. No packing is required, and balloon sinuplasty recovery could only last days. Because of this, balloon sinuplasty reviews have always been very positive. Ferdi was back to her activities and her wine-tasting consulting within days. Her breathing is back to normal and her smell is returning.

“The ability to treat these debilitating conditions with a quick office procedure is a huge advance in our specialty,” said Dr. Nachlas. “With this technology, we are able to transform lives.”

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