Boost Your Facelift: Dermal Fillers and Injections

Although they won't last forever, the results from a traditional facelift can last longer with a boost from dermal fillers and injections.

A facelift's results can get a boost from dermal fillers and injections.

Some people decide to get BOTOX injections performed as the same time as their surgery, to enhance the results. BOTOX injections focus on a different area of the face, so they are helpful for creating a balanced look, too. Dermal fillers can extend the life of your facelift as well. Depending on the type of filler injection you receive, it can help smooth lines or wrinkles or add volume to your face.

See before-and-after photos from Dr. Nachlas's facelift patients here. Learn more about facelift options from Dr. Nachlas.


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