Rhinoplasty Surgery for Teens: When Is Ideal?

It's important to choose the right time in your teen's life for rhinoplasty. 


 Scheduling rhinoplasty surgery for your teen? Minimize the impact on your teen's life by scheduling the rhinoplasty surgery during a period of transition in his or her life. The best time is the summer between high school and college, since your teen is off from school and is about to start a new life in a place where few, if any, people know him or her.

If college is still a long way off, the summer can still be a great time for rhinoplasty surgery, provided your teen isn't the outdoors type. A number of summertime activities, including swimming, lying out on the beach and playing sports, will be off-limits after the rhinoplasty surgery. For that reason, winter break is also an ideal time for your teen's surgery. Your teen will have a chance to recover somewhat before he or she goes back to school. He or she will likely need to sit out gym class for some time, though.

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