5 Sinus Drainage Symptoms

Nathan E Nachlas talks about five drainage symptoms of the nose

Sinus infection, allergy, and a cold drainage symptoms are similar in some ways. They all affect the nose, throat, sinuses, and sometimes eyes.  In Boca Raton, Dr. Nachlas performs sinus procedures for chronic sinus infections. To determine if a cold may actually be a reoccurring infection, compare your drainage symptoms with the following:

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Sore Throat

After producing mucus to fight infection, the body may drain excess mucus. The mucus drains from the nose down the throat. After time, the mucus can cause soreness in the back of the throat. This constant soreness may be an indicator of a sinus infection.


During a sinus infection, mucus may also build up in the nose and cause pressure in the sinus cavities. Patients may experience a headache. This headache can be more painful than headaches caused by a cold or allergies.

Bad Breath

When mucus drains down the back of the throat, it can also be cause for poor breath. The dry throat can emit an unpleasant odor.

Green Mucus

During an infection, you may want to check your mucus coloration. Is it green? If it is green it may be a sign of infection. This hue can indicate sinus problems and should be your sign to look at decongestants.

These 5 symptoms may all indicate a sinus infection. It is important to note that although these are common symptoms, a doctor can best determine the cause of your illness. When these symptoms are chronic, you may seek further medicine or treatment options.

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