What Are the Symptoms of Sinusitis in Florida?


The air pockets around the nose, also known as nasal cavities, can become infected after many sinus infections. Sufferers of Sinusitis in Florida may look to medicine for relief. In Florida, plastic surgeons also perform procedures when medicine fails to alleviate symptoms. Balloon Sinuplasties may be required to end running, dripping, and other troublesome side effects. Before turning to corrective measures, physicians can assess your symptoms to determine your need for surgery. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology describes Sinusitis and what patients can look for.

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Stuffiness and Congestion

If you suffer from sinusitis you will notice symptoms beyond a traditional allergy or cold. Your nose will drip for long periods of time. Sufferers notice obstructive breathing. Another sign is the color of your mucus. The infection can create a greener coloration. If you have this sinusitis symptom and are located in Florida, give us a call.

Throat Discomfort

Although Sinusitis disease in Florida exists in the nose cavities, patients can feel effects elsewhere. Tenderness in the throat is possible with the condition. When checking for Sinusitis, Physicians often perform a throat test. If your symptoms include a redder colored throat or mouth, you may require additional care.


Along with that aching throat, a cough may be present. Again, this symptom lasts beyond a traditional allergy and can be attributed with the presence of your condition.

A lasting Fever

A fever can create fatigue, aches and pains, and lead you to your doctor’s office.

Face Tenderness

Your Florida surgeon, Dr. Nachlas may ask you about other pains, outside of the nose and throat areas. Sinusitis can cause pressure and unrelenting soreness in other areas of the face. The area under your eyes may feel heavy. Areas even including your teeth can suffer also be sore. Headaches will likely leave you feeling tired.

Lasting eight weeks or more, these 5 symptoms are good indicators of Sinusitis. In Florida, patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment after this time period. Plastic Surgeons can help you experience relief with surgery.

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