5 Most Common Sinusitis Complications in Florida

Nathan E Nachlas Talks about the 5 Most Common Sinusitis Complications in Florida

Sinusitis, or the frequent infection of sinus cavities, can limit your life more than the average cold. Sometimes the infection requires acute medical attention. In Boca Raton, Dr. Nachlas can help you determine the seriousness of your condition and help you prevent further sinusitis complications. Without treatment, chronic sinusitis can cause problems beyond the cough, headaches, and fever associated with the condition. According to an article published by The New York Times, the following complications may occur:

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Bone Infection

After repeat sinus cavity infections, the bones around the forehead can suffer. The tissue can become infected and create other problems. Patients can experience worse headaches, fever, and swelling. A small puffy tumor may also appear near the diseased region.

Vision Loss

When sinusitis goes untreated for even longer periods of time the eye may suffer. After repeated infections, the eye socket can also become infected. Eyelids may droop and hang lower on your face. Putting pressure on the optic nerve, an infection can limit your eye’s movement. In rarer cases it can even decrease vision. However, patients usually notice more severe symptoms before total loss occurs.

Blood Clots

Another symptom, blood clots, can form near the front and top of the face. This complication is also rare, but can create symptoms similar to that of an eye socket infection. Once a blood clot forms, the eyes can lose movement. Blood clots, formed on one side of the face, can create swelling on both sides of the face and other serious health risks. The symptoms caused by blood clots are not to be taken lightly.

Brain Infection

By far the most dangerous, brain infections can be life threatening. When a sinusitis infection spreads to the brain, patients may experience abscesses, meningitis, or other harmful conditions.

Increased Asthma symptoms

Sinus infections can also be more harmful to asthma patients. Some physicians believe that treatment of sinus infections can reduce problems. The link between these illnesses has yet to be confirmed. Yet, the possible connection does suggest that symptoms limit day to day life.

Before infection, clots, or more serious complications arise, be sure to check in with your physician. In Boca Raton, Your primary physician may first recommend medication. However, when medications fail to help, patients can choose surgical options. In Boca Raton, Facial Plastic Surgeons perform Balloon Sinuplasty to treat chronic infections. Stopping sinusitis in it tracks can prevent worse symptoms from occurring.

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