History's Rhinoplasty Surgeons Paved the Way for Today's Techniques

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Dr. Nathan Nachlas, a facial plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida, wouldn't have his career as a rhinoplasty surgeon if it hadn't been for the pioneers of rhinoplasty. Nose surgery has been around as early as 500 BC, and it's continued to be an advancing field where surgeons always try to improve their skills through continuing education and research.

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Rhinoplasty's Origins

Go back to 500 BC in India to find the earliest incidents of nose surgery. Susrata, a Hindu surgeon, developed a technique that took a flap of skin from the forehead, shaped it to form the flap for the new nose, and then sewed it in place. The goal was to correct disfiguring injuries, such as those received on the battlefield. Despite his success, rhinoplasty still had centuries to go before the surgical procedure gained more recognition.

Skip forward to 1495. Professor Alexander Benedictus wrote a paper on a Sicilian doctor's use of skin taken from the forearm to restore a damaged nose. A number of Italian doctors would copy his successful procedure. In the mid- to late-1500's, Professor Gaspar Tagliocozzi studied and developed his own methods for rhinoplasty that still used skin taken from the arm. This led to the publication of his methods in 1597. Unfortunately, a local clergyman felt his work was sinful and continued to attack his work.

Rhinoplasty again resurfaced in 1794 in India. This time, a peasant whose nose was severely damaged was restored by potters who took skin from the forehead to fix the damage. This surgery was a success and was published in 1811. At this point, there were still years to go before rhinoplasty moved from being a reconstructive surgery to a cosmetic one.

Rhinoplasty as a Cosmetic Procedure

It wouldn't be until 1845 that a cosmetic rhinoplasty would come to light. Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach wrote Operative Chirurgie and introduced the use of rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. The first official surgery would take place by Dr. Roe in 1891 when he surgically removed a nasal hump on a woman who felt it was disfiguring. Dr. Joseph soon followed in 1898 when he made external incisions to sculpt a nose for a man who wouldn't leave his house because he felt his nose was an embarrassment. This successful surgery led to the publication of Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery in 1928.

The publication of Dr. Joseph's surgical book led to additional advancements. Closed rhinoplasty (incision made inside the nostrils), spreader grafts, and revision rhinoplasty started gaining ground.

Today's Rhinoplasty

Today, rhinoplasty is used to make cosmetic changes, correct defects, and restore function. Rhinoplasty can help fix a deviated septum, narrow a nasal bridge, or slim wide nostrils. It can also help make the nose more symmetrical with the rest of the facial features. Rhinoplasty surgeons benefit from the use of computer imaging software that allows them to take your image and make changes to create a blueprint for the surgery.

Dr. Nachlas uses both the closed and open rhinoplasty techniques. Every patient undergoes a consultation before surgery is scheduled. In addition, while Dr. Nachlas makes your requested cosmetic changes, he also examines and corrects the function, if necessary. He can even pair your rhinoplasty with septoplasty if needed.

View rhinoplasty before and after pictures to see the types of improvements the surgery can make. Dr. Nachlas is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist. He is also ranked as one of the top surgeons that treat nasal conditions and rhinoplasty procedures.

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