The Couple that has Plastic Surgery Together Stays Together

Couples Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

Once upon a time dinner and movie was the standard date night. Now, couples are looking for new and interesting ways to bond. The most recent includes face and body rejuvenation for both parties.

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You may have heard of growing old together, but have you ever considered growing young together? A recent article in the Sun Sentinel reports that more South Florida couples are undergoing plastic surgery together. The top Plastic surgeons are regularly seeing couples entering the office who are both looking to undergo procedures for the face and body. While minimally invasive treatments such as Botox and facial fillers may be done at the same time, more invasive procedures that involve extensive surgery and recovery are often scheduled weeks apart so both parties are not down for the count at the same time and can be fit to care for each other.

The Ultimate Support

One benefit of undergoing cosmetic surgery together is the level of support. Knowing that a significant other has, or will be, going through the same procedure and recovery increases confidence and lessens anxiety. Often the procedure may not be the same, but the positive emotions are still present. The situation also makes it easier knowing you are not alone, especially during the difficult days when discomfort is strong or you are not looking your best. Some couples believe sharing in the experience brings them closer together.

Non-invasive procedures are particularly popular, with couples supporting each other’s decision to take steps toward a more youthful appearance. They know what the other person looked like before treatment and are able to give feedback. It may also be true that if their loved one is going to being looking younger, they want do the same. In other cases it is the wife prodding the reluctant husband, leading by example, though the number of men who take advantage of cosmetic procedures has steadily been increasing in recent years, with stigma decreasing.

Doing it for Yourself

While undergoing a procedure at the same time as your loved one may seem like a sign of devotion, plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly and should not be a spur of the moment decision. In order to undergo any surgical or non-surgical treatment, both people must want to have the procedure for their own personal satisfaction. Cosmetic surgery can be emotionally rewarding, but only if it is done for the benefit of the patient and not the other half of the couple.

Patients must also have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. Just because a particular technique resulted in certain dramatic outcomes for their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife does not mean the same will be true for them.

Dr. Nachlas specializes in facial plastic, reconstructive, and sinus surgery. The double-board certified surgeon observes high standards of patient care to ensure safety and minimize risk and complications.

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