Hair-Raising Cosmetic Technique May Do Nose More Harm than Good

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Many individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose try various techniques and tricks to improve their look. Makeup techniques are often employed to add shadowing or highlighting in an attempt to narrow a large nose or take attention away from a hump. Hairstyling can also be used in the same vein.

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A popular trick that many use involves shaping of the eyebrows, but don’t be too quick to pluck. Researchers are reporting that women – and, surprisingly, men – who groom their eyebrows in an often futile attempt to redesign the look of their nose and compensate for nasal deviations can do more harm than good in the long run if and when they ultimately decide upon plastic surgery after applying this cosmetic technique.

Put The Tweezers Down

Patients who consistently alter their eyebrows to camouflage nasal asymmetry are, in fact, eliminating important markers that plastic surgeons use in rhinoplasty. Dr. Bahman Guyuron, professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland and co-author of a recent study, said that without these natural guides around the eyes, plastic surgeons can fail to accurately recognize asymmetrically positioned eyebrows and improperly reshape the nose.

The research, “The Deviated Nose and Groomed Eyebrows: An Important Trap to Avoid”, which was presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in San Diego, evaluated life-size photographs of 100 randomly-selected rhinoplasty patients who had their noses reshaped. Nasal deviations were measured and the direction that each patient altered or shifted their eyebrows was then compared to the position of the nasal deviation

Of the 27 men and 73 women studied, 96 percent displayed measurable eyebrow asymmetry, with little difference in the mean distance that men (1.88 mm) and women (1.4 mm) shifted their eyebrows. Researchers found that the direction that eyebrows were shifted in each patient significantly matched the position of nasal deviation.

Natural Landmark

Plastic surgeons will often take advantage of the middle of the eye for use as a natural landmark rather than the eyebrow itself. However, an altered eyebrow can misrepresent the appropriate midline and result in an inaccurate facial analysis prior to surgery. That’s why before proceeding with rhinoplasty, a plastic surgeon will sometimes require two consultations to establish clear lines of communication while answering all patient questions and concerns.

Rhinoplasty is a common and popular surgical procedure used to alter the appearance of the nose or make subtle aesthetic changes to your cosmetic appearance. Maybe you’ve lived too long with hump or other undesired flaw, endured age-related changes to your nose, or suffered a traumatic injury. If any of those conditions match, rhinoplasty can provide the balance and symmetry to your nose and face that you have longed for. Nose surgery may also provide some much-needed fresh air by correcting impaired breathing.

Reshaping the nose may include altering the width, reducing size, removing bumps or depressed sections at the bridge, slimming oversized nostrils that are wide or upturned, or improving a nasal tip that is large, drooping or bulbous.

Facial Symmetry

Your nose is at the center of your face and is the key component to facial symmetry. A board-certified plastic surgeon can review your current features and ensure that realistic expectations and outcomes are understood and met.

A reshaped nose may not be for everyone, but for others rhinoplasty can play a significant role in bolstering confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Nathan Nachlas of Boca Raton, Florida, is a renowned facial plastic surgery and ENT specialist.  

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